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"My work. My passion"

Searching, flicking through and helping to discover the past is my real passion… The moment when an elderly lady has tears in her eyes, because she has just solved a family mystery… The joy of finding an old letter or an article about an ancestor in a 19th century newspaper… The feeling of connection with the people who are long gone… Hours and hours spent at the archives, libraries, museums are so worth it!

After I obtained two MA degrees in History majoring in the Archival Studies and International Studies at the University of Wrocław, I was working at the British Library in London for over a decade. During that time, I worked tirelessly to become a Chartered Librarian. I spent a few years as a Reference Librarian in the India Office Records discovering the history of the East India Company and the areas under its rule. For some time, I also worked as an Internet Archivist. Dealing with thousands of enquiries, practical help and advice to researchers and creating digital archives and collections was not only a source of joy and pride, but also getting a great knowledge about keeping the archives, genealogy and digital research.

Now it is time to use my experience in a different way: that is how the ‘Archives, Genealogy, Digital Research’ came to life. Because who does not need the documents, family archives or company’s paperwork sorted? And done with real passion.


My services include archives and documents management, research, family history and digitisation for individual clients, companies and institutions.

My specialization


Sorting documents

  • Reviewing and categorising according to legal guidance
  • Organising and creating an easy to use archive

  • Creating descriptions and finding aids


Securing documents

  • Preserving in appropriate files and boxes

  • Documents culling

Historical archives

  • Professional analysis of the archives

  • Preserving in appropriate files and boxes

  • Creating descriptions and finding aids

My specialization


Family History

  • Building family trees.

  • Searching online and in the archives, libraries, churches and museums.

  • Newspaper and magazine searching.

  • Elegant printouts.

  • Creating family archives.

Family archives

  • Professional analysis of the archives

  • Preserving in appropriate files and boxes

  • Creating descriptions and finding aids

Family tree album

  • Professional genealogical records in digital or physical form

  • Searching in online databases, archives, libraries, churches, museums

  • Creating a family archive

My specialization

Digital Research

Digital archives

  • Categorising according to legal guidance.

  • Scanning

  • Creating digital archives from scratch and adding to the existing ones.

  • Creating backups.

Digital research

  • Searching in digital databases.

  • Market research.

  • Big data


  • for students

  • for professionals

  • for companies

My work



Prices are individually negotiated with the client.

Projects are divided into stages.

Client decides on the direction of the research.

Your family archive is a mess, but there is never enough time to sort it out?

You have always wanted to find your ancestors, but do not know where to start?

Give me a call or send an email for a free quote.

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The church archive has been professionally preserved and now we know what else needs to be done to open it for genealogists and other researchers. We were all very surprised what gems were hidden there. Dorota has done a great service in our parish archive.
Piotr Wowry
Pastor, Lutheran Church, Ustroń, Poland
Dorota has helped me many times during my research in the India Office Records at the British Library in London. Without the documents she has found, my PhD would not be as comprehensive. Great knowledge and going an extra mile made my time there a great experience.
Dr Arunima Datta,
Idaho, USA
We are very pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into AncestryProGenealogists contractor network.
We were impressed with your skills and credentials and look forward to working with Dorota in the near future.

My family tree was done
quickly and professionally.
I definitely recommend
Dorota's services!
Marcin Podżorski

In a quick and efficient way,
Dorota has helped me to dicover some
of my family's secrets.
Learning about my ancestors
all the way back to the 17th century
was a facinating experience.
I strongly recommend her services.
Mick J.
Dorotka spent many hours
researching the genealogy
of the Walker, Bateman, Hopewell
and Curtis families.
It gave me a lot of joy, especially the information about criminal activities of my ancestors found in the newspapers and the court documents.
Tim Walker